Asia’s Most Promising


Big Gaming Live Game is Asia's most promising live game brand, Offering a wide range of game. These games are supported on PC, H5, APP, and Android SDK, as well as iOS SDK, making them playable on a diverse range of desktop computers and mobile devices.

Our flexible and professional API integration technology offers you a variety of front-end docking methods. The simple and easy-to-use interface allows players to play anytime, anywhere across different platforms without having to download the games!

We have worked extensively with multiple well-known platforms in Asia to create professional live game entertainment products for our customers so that they can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.


  • Flexible API Integration
  • Smart backend system
  • Diverse front-end docking SDK、PC、H5、APP


  • Premium CDN spatial security system
  • 7x24 technical support
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Real-time video transmission